A Good Day

17 February 2013 § Leave a comment

The promise of a good day.  Generally the feeling one has each morning after waking up.  That’s not always the case with me.  This morning I woke up kinda peeved.  Another work day.  It’s a Sunday.  And I work evening shift to boot.  Arrrgh!

We got dressed and went to church.  It was nice to see a friend who’s been away for a few weeks and to hear about his international trip.  Not to self: must travel with Husband more.

After, we wandered down the tiny streets downtown, trying to avoid the light drizzle.  We wound up ducking into a cafe we’ve been wanting to check out for the past month or so.

It wasn’t until my Husband and I sat down in the cafe, that a little smile crept across my face and I thought, “Ah, a good day.”  I nearly forgot what those looked like.

Sitting across from Him as I sip my coffee and He is reading the Sunday newspaper.  I really love moments like this, with Him, where we just be.  Enjoying the here and now.  Not thinking about life.  Not dreading the impending work day.

Just us.  Just contented.  Just happy.

btw: this is the song that was playing in the background when I had my ‘good day’ epiphany.   It’s sweet and dreamy.  Spot on.  And totally us.


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